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A 21st Century,
Intermodal Rail, Docks and Truck Transfer “Hub” System.

 A 21st Century, Intermodal Rail, Docks and Truck Transfer “Hub” System Forming a Smart Secure Freight Corridor From Concept to Reality.

The development of the dual two way Pacific Northwest Railroad (PNR) is intended to synchronize and integrate ocean marine terminal, rail and trucking as one Intermodal system between Humboldt Bay and the Union Pacific rail lines to move goods in both directions, United States import and export. With the PNR linkage to Union Pacific Rail lines and support a 21st century secure, seamless, dynamic, monitored, and employing the new Age Modal System from Northern and Central, California for global trade

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From a Duck Club in the early 1900’s, the land, located at the Salton Sea, County of Imperial, California has been privately held. Hy Power Industries, Inc., plans to develop the 1,300 + acres of fee land of Geothermal properties to its fullest potential of minerals and gasses.

Geothermal values and recovery technologies were previously unknown. Today much has changed with the ability to apply the most advanced recovery techniques to gather the power available in the Geothermal fluids that are part of the earth’s molten interior and essential to our Mandate to provide sustainable, renewable clean energy.

Our Location to the seismic fault allows conversion of the heat, which is to be converted to electrical energy. This electrical energy is expected to be sold as well as provide for our mineral and gas extraction systems.  

Hy Power plan to recover this energy is critical to the primary goal of creating non-polluting electrical energy and its bi products, such as Lithium, Helium and other precious minerals and gases. The Geothermal energy is the future of green energy around the clock without noxious emissions.

Hy Power recognizes its commitment to the earth and all of us who are here now and in the future. We take seriously the development of green energy and to our community that benefits by employment and an increased tax base.

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